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Wine Glasses (Set of 3)

When it comes to throwing parties, it’s always fun to have coloured glassware. Add a whole new dimension to any event by using these amazing wine glasses.


The Origin

The Glassware Collection is one of our most colourful and fun collections.

Made by our artisan Lallu (yes, that is his real name), who   is the glassblower of all our products.

He  has spent a considerable amount of time mastering the   art and now goes around teaching his tricks and  techniques to other glassblowers, but only on the condition   that they will not teach it to anyone else further.

He wants to have a certain amount of exclusivity  about his work, because he believes that it gives him respect in the society.

He also tells us that we are extremely lucky that he   is working for us. According to him, THOA is successful  partially because of him!


Material: Glass

Weight: 1020 gm

Size: 8.8 cm x 8.8 cm x 16.5 cm 

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