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Tisanes (Set of 3)

What makes it special 

The best gift for the one who loves herbal concoctions! Each jar is a dried root, leaf, flowers from difference medicinal plants known to heal and energize the body. 1. Blue Pea: It is a traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, used to calm and relax your nerves and enhance memory. 2. Wood Apple : A very integral part of Ayurveda, wood Apple is known to calm and heal stomach discomfort like indigestion, stomach burn or even ulcers 3. Roselle: It is a therapeutic plant known for centuries. Best for detoxifying the body - specially effective for urinary tract infections, colds, and even hangovers!

Weight: 90 gm (Roselle: 20 gm, Blue Pea Flower: 15 gm, Wood Apple/Mango Stem: 55 gm)

Size: 6.5cm x 6.5cm x 8cm/ tisane

Care instructions:  Refrigerate for longer shelf life. Keep in a cool dry place. secure lid firmly after use.

Disclaimer:  Contains no added colour, preservative or mSG.

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