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The Waves of Caves

The romance of the formless getting a form. The selfless finding its identity and choosing to stand tall with all its imperfections. 

  The Origin:

 The driftwood collection is one of our most unique collection and our personal favorite!

Our artisan Surendra bhai from Uttrakhand collects the logs from the banks of the river, drags it to his house in the forests and creates these beautiful pieces in his meditative state.

He does not understand anything except driftwood and somehow it seems to be enough to live a life that is satisfying and happy!

His daughters want him to get the recognition for his art which cannot be replicated and for the 37 years he has dedicated to this art.

  What makes it special: Made from distressed raw wood but not a single tree has been mined in making this piece. We have only used wood that has naturally fallen because of aging or collected it from locations where natural calamities like landslides, earthquakes and cyclones have ocucured to clear the spaces.

Material: Driftwood

Size: 10cm x 7cm x 47cm

Weight:928 gm


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