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The Lu:kah Box: Soy wax Candle

The Lu:kah Box is a box of happiness!

 Make your own non-toxic, eco friendly Soy wax candle in your favourite fragrance. Create your own vibe, and let the light spread through your soul!

Inside the Lu:kah Box:

  • Raw Materials
    • Wax Pellets
    • Liquid Colour
    • Wick
  • Essential Oils
    • Floral
    • Spice
    • Citrus
  • Containers
    • Glass Jar (Mixing)
    • Wooden Jar
    • Earthen Pot
  • For Garnishing
    • Spice Mix
    • Dried Lavender
  • Tools
    • Wooden spatula
    • Wire
    • Cleaning Cloth
    • thermometer
  • Others
    • Instruction Manual
    • Progress Map
    • Certificate
    • Labels 


Size: 30cm x 30cm x 15.5cm

Weight: 1750g


To know more about this Lu:kah Box, you all can refer to the blog here.

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