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The Glacier

The sun shining through the waves as they keep rolling in paints, the perfect picture of serenity . Our beautifully handcrafted bowl is inspired by the beauty of the waves and will perfectly complement the  charming décor of your home.

The Origin

This collection is very gorgeous fusion of Turkish technique with Indian materials. We have combined the Indian Clay, Quartz and Glass to give a natural sheen to this product that lasts forever! These pieces have been made by 2 separate artisans – Hari bhai who works on clay and Lallu who works on glass.

They sat together for 2 weeks to understand each other’s processes to see how it could be combined and boy we have produced one of the most luxurious looking pieces! Combining glass blowing technique with ceramic baking and a little glitter, we have created a collection based on the philosophies we believe in!

Material: Glass and Ceramic

Size: 32cm x 32cm x 6cm

Weight: 1140 gm

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