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Tequila Shot Glass (Set of 3)

Cut down the fiddle for salt as the tequila burns your throat all the way down, shots glasses made from 100% himalayan pink salt are that luxury after the ‘cheers!

The Origin

Our Salad bowl is a part of the Brine Collection which is made by our artisans Chintu and Sonu. Both of them were actually potters but honestly, they were really bad at it! They somehow just never had the patience to work with clay but still continued doing that for family tradition and money ofcourse.

But when we met them, we realised that even though patience was not their strength that excess energy can definitely be channelized to do some magnificient work! Using their understanding of technique, excessive energy to shape and chizel the himalayan pink salts, our Brine Collection was born! 

They have suddenly become excellent at what they do now and thats what we love about our work. We make everyone work out of their strengths and to watch them excited, satisfied and always wanting to be better amazes us!

Size: 5cm x 5cm x 8cm

Weight: 600 gm


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