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Oyster Shell

What makes it special 

This raw oyster shell is one half of the home to some of the most beautiful pearls in the sea.  This beautiful piece shows the warmth and the beauty of the mother and is a royal and elegant gift for anyone who has been the nurturer in your life.

 Our Mother of Pearl Collection is made by our very own Kinker Dada and his little brother Joy Dada from West Bengal,India.

Kinkar dada's brother-in-law is a fisherman from Andaman and collects shells for Kinkar dada. Kinkar dada then makes beautiful pieces from the shell and sends it to us! We give him the design, but he always wants to add his touch to each product which we come to know only once it reaches us.

Our Mother of Pearl Collection is a symbol of luxury, care and beauty. Let each piece make serving a more beautiful and luxurious experience for you!

Material: Mother of Pearl

Size: 24cm x 14cm x 4cm

Weight: 120 gm

Care instructions:  Wipe with a wet/dry cloth.


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