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Rainbow Mul

Be Fun. Be Colourful. Be Pop.                                                                              Colourful hand block embroidered stole ,made from pure mul with colourful pom poms for your vibrant & lively soul.

The Origin

Our gorgeous Vastra collection is a tribute to the modern day woman, creating a perfect balance between tradition and modernity.

Our collection is entirely hand block printed and embroidered where we combine traditional designs with contemporary colours on fabrics like recycled cotton and mulmul. The fabrics that we use are skin friendly especially for summers , making a statement of comfort and ease.

The Artisan behind our Vastra collection is Hari Om, a block maker from Jaipur who dreams of building a successful business with his craft. He hand-carves each block with immense love ,in various designs which is then used on fabrics provided by us . Each product is dyed and printed individually using natural pigments and dyes , making each product unique since no two products are alike.

Hari Om with his passion for block prints manages to stun us every time he makes a new product. Our combined efforts resulted in our Vastra collection which is minimalistic, comfortable, sustainable and gorgeous all at the same time

Size: 195cm x 46cm

Weight: 80 gm


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