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Juniper Coasters (Set of 2 | Large)

A piece of nature in your house. We used the wood that has been fallen down because of natural calamities or has beautifully aged over the time.

The wood here is from the juniper berry tree ( the berries from which gin is made) that naturally smells of camphor and is a natural disinfectant, which is what makes these coasters one of the most exotic and beautiful!

The Origin :

This is one of our most unique and sustainable collection. You know why?Because not a single tree has been mined in its making! We only use the wood of the trees that has aged and fallen off naturally or come floating on the banks of the river!

From mango wood to Birch, litchi, guava, walnut and apricot, we have used a variety of woods for each piece. Which is why we will never have the same piece made again. So what you have in your hand right now is the only piece of this there is and will ever be!

What makes it special: It is made from raw wood but not a single tree has been mined in making this piece. We have only used wood of the trees that has naturally fallen because of aging or collected it from locations where natural calamities like landslides, earthquakes and cyclones have ocucured to clear the spaces.

Material:  Distressed Wood

Size: 12cm x 10.5cm x 0.5cm

Weight: 432 gm

Care instructions:  Wipe with a wet/dry cloth.

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