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Ablone Shell (Collectors Piece)

A collector's piece, this is the cousin of the coral family! Derived from the deepest parts of the sea, it captures the sunlight like no other. Each colour, mark , holes and imperfections tells us the story of the sea, the story of where its been. 

Own a piece of the sea, just as it is - in its most real and authentic form!

Our Mother of Pearl Collection is made by our very own Kinker Dada and his little brother Joy Dada from West Bengal,India.

Kinkar dada's brother-in-law is a fisherman from Andaman and gets a lot of shells in his net while fishing.Kinkar dada takes these shells and makes beautiful pieces from it and sends it to us!
We give him the design, but he always wants to add his touch to each product which we come to know only once it reaches us!

Our Mother of Pearl Collection is a symbol of luxury, care and beauty. Let each piece make serving a more beautiful and luxurious experience for you!

Size: 12.5cm x 9cm x 4.50cm

MaterialAblone Natural Shell

Weight: 61 gm

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